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Finding the right words...

Hello there quilters and crafters!
After I took a little hiatus from writing on my blog, I have been constantly thinking about topics to write about and projects to show you all.  However, I keep talking myself out of them.  "I don't have the RIGHT tools to really show that topic well." "That project isn't perfect, so I don't know if I should show that on the blog."  Sitting down to a blank screen can be very intimidating.  I don't want to say things wrong or be unclear.  I don't want to be too cliché or corny or too impersonal either.  For some reason, finding the right words can be pretty difficult some days.  Reading previous posts and over-analyzing myself (as I tend to do) I found that I was trying TOO hard to find the right words.  They were words that helped a person understand, but not words that were inviting or friendly, or personal to me.  They were text-book boring! I strive so hard to do the best I can and I want to put my best fo…

Updates for Modern Cottage Creations

I've been away from my blog for a while, but sewing and Modern Cottage Creations have certainly not left my mind!  I'm in the process of updating my website.  I'll be updating the website look and opening an online shop where I'll be selling some of the wonderful creations you've seen here! There will be even more updates to come with Modern Cottage Creations this summer so stay tuned!

This week I got out and did a fun outdoor photo shoot of some of my recent works, and some of the works I'm proudest of.  Here are some highlights! Which is your favorite?

The evening light was just beautiful!  It was fun to air out my quilts and see them on this rustic fence.  I've also been working on some custom projects.  I made this simple laptop bag last week.  It is reinforced with Peltex and fusible batting for ultimate protection while travelling.  It has an interior zipper pocket for power cords, two exterior pockets, and a zipper closure top.  I might have to mak…