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Let the craft show season begin!

Over the weekend I participated in my first craft show of the season at the Chateau St Croix Winery in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin. 

I had an extremely busy week before the show and I definitely should have blogged a bit beforehand too, but time just got away from me.  I spent the week sewing table runners, recieving blankets, and burp cloths that are a part of my usual show inventory.

Knowing that the show was going to be at a winery, it was obvious that I needed to whip up a few wine themed runners.  So I made two of each of these cute little runners.

Then I was left with some scraps.

I just couldn't let them go to waste, so I just started piecing some strips together. 

Honestly, I think I liked the final result of the scrappy runner better than the other two! 

I was very happy with the booth set up.  My sister was a huge help at the show and we had a great turn out.  My shoulder bags were a sure hit, and those wine runners, too! Next time I promise to blog first so that you can…

MCC gets a little squirrelly!

I am very excited to announce that Modern Cottage Creations is collaborating with Quilt Squirrel!

Quilt Squirrel is formerly Fat Quarter Quilting and I am happy to have a wonderful history with this shop and their great staff.  I was able to spend a few wonderful years working at Fat Quarter Quilting and learned a lot about the quilting world from them.  As I moved away I was sad to leave the shop, but change is sometimes unavoidable.  Now, as they changed their beautiful shop into the new Quilt Squirrel I was also invited to make a change too and be a part of the new!  My blog will be posted on their website along with blogs by JulieAnn and Christine, the shop's owners.  I definitely recommend that you check out what they have to say on their blogs as well!  The new Quilt Squirrel is not only an online shop, but a local shop as well, so if you find yourself in the Twin Cities, I recommend you visit them in store too!  The shop is located off of …

Thoughts on Quilting and Technology

For my birthday last month my boyfriend gave me a new Kindle Fire. I am absolutely in love with my new eReader and it has opened my eyes to new digital worlds. Then, last week when he found out that he couldn't upgrade his phone without losing the data package that he currently has, so he brought home a new upgraded smartphone for me!

All of these great techie gifts in such a short period of time has me almost on data overload. However, they really have just made me more connected to the quilting world. There are quilting apps that can help me with my quilt calculations and block apps that show traditional quilt blocks in different sizes. On my Kindle I can even get digital versions of quilt books so that I don't have to carry a tote full of books, but store all my inspiration in one place.

 But the one thing that has me just attached to my new pieces of technology is Google Reader. I get to keep up with all of the quilt blogs that I love much easier than before, and …

Ready. Set. Quilt.

Ready. Set. Quilt.

When I know that I get to have time to sit down and devote to quilting there is always so much to think about. Which of the numerous UFO's should I work on? Should I play with the fun new fabric I just brought home? Which technique do I want to use today? Which pattern do I want to give a try? All of these quilty things run through my head as I get ready for that planned time in my sewing room. Once I get to my sewing room though I have to switch tracks. Before I pull out my fabric, before I turn on my iron or my sewing machine, I turn on the tv. Yep, that's been my ritual for quite some time now. Sewing time is movie time for me. Because I always want to stay focused on what I'm sewing and not on what I'm watching, I choose movies that I've seen before.

So the first choice I make in my sewing room on a daily basis isn't what project to work on or what fabric to work with, but what movie to watch today. I've watched the Harry Pot…