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Custom Purse

My brother in law's older sister asked me to do a special project for her a couple of weeks ago.  Her daughter has been in dance for a long time and she never knew what to do with the expensive costumes once that recital was over.  So this time when her daughter had a costume she really liked, she decided to give the costume new life!

I started with this fun and bright costume!
And I started cutting...
I utilized a cardboard template for the circular sides of the purse.
Cutting the dangling glitter fabric was actually not as challenging as I thought it was going to be.
I got all my pieces layed out.

And my floor was covered in glitter shrapnel!
Here's the completed exterior.
And the completed interior.  Gotta have pockets!

The completed project.
Love the dangling sequins!
Sits perfectly at the hip.
I gave the purse a braided strap so that the strap was just as special as the rest of this bag. 

What a great evening purse!  It was a project that I'm glad she sent my way. …