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Mail Sack Bags!

My sister is a great sounding board when I want to talk about what to make at craft shows.  She's not a sewist herself, but she has great fashion and style and loves to shop at craft shows! So she suggested a bit ago that I should make some cross body bags that are a little smaller than the regular size ones I already make.  So I took her advice! 

The first cross body bag that I made ever was for myself a few years ago. I still use it for my daily use purse. The pattern that I used was the Mail Sack Bag from Pink Chalk Studio.  After making that one, I started designing a bag that was more me, and would be cute to sell at craft shows.  When I decided to make some bags in a new size I went right back to that pattern and got started.  They are a great pattern company and luckily are happy if people are interested in making their bag to sell in small quantities at craft shows.  So this week I whipped up four new bags. 

I have a few more cut out and am already starting to think abou…

Runners Galore!

Last week I was so furiously sewing table runners that I never had time to blog about them!  I was bound and determined to start focusing on my fall inventory, so I pulled out the stash of charm packs that I had and got to work.  Here's a quick look at the seven sets of Autumn and Christmas themed runners I put together.  I didn't have enough batting on hand to finish them, but I'm just suprised that in two days I got all of these tops done!

Here is each set of tops:

When you stack all the runners together, it sure looks like a lot of work.  Which is good, because it was!  And I have to remind myself that they are done yet...

I think they all turned out very cute.  They should make some very nice items for my fall inventory.  Now, to buy the batting needed for all of these...

A Fabric-y Day on the Town

Free time to sew is getting harder and harder to come by this month.  During this time of the season we have to work from Thursday (instead of Friday) through Sunday so that cuts out one good day of free time right there!  We are also in northern Wisconsin right now and it is absolutely beautiful up here.  It kind of makes it feel a little vacationy for us too.  So, my sister has been coming out early in the week so that we can go out and adventure a little bit.  Today we wandered around the very cute local downtown area.  I stopped at a couple of fabric shops and picked up some kids fabrics that will be turning into baby blocks for craft sales this fall. 

I also picked up some tonal fabrics that will make the linings of some bags for this fall's inventory. 

Here are the linings with their fabric groupings.  These are going to make some great bags!  I can't wait to get them finished! 

It was a great day to hang out with my sister and I appreciated having a second opinion on…

Tori's Pillow

My boyfriend’s little sister had her 11th birthday this week.We’re taking her out to the movies tomorrow afternoon and I wanted to bring her something hand made with her birthday gift.She’s already a crafty little girl and loves to make beaded bracelets and necklaces.When I am there doing a little bit of hand work, she loves to watch me sew, too!So, I picked up a little bracelet kit and a peace sign cross stitch kit that I plan on working on with her, as well as the first Harry Potter book.She’s at the same age I was when I started reading those books and I hope she comes to love them as much as I do!

I debated for quite a while on what to make for her to add to her birthday gift.I contemplated making a big floor cushion for her or a quillow for travelling on the volleyball bus next year.Both of these would be great gifts and I will probably still make them for her soon, but I needed something quicker, smaller, and something that required little to no purchase of supplies.So, I sat dow…

A good quilty night

After a long day of errands in which nothing seemed to go quite right, I needed a little quilting therapy tonight.I got to sit down with my sampler bottle of wine and a couple great quilting magazines to start my evening. It was definitely a good choice to wind down with some inspiration, because it resulted in some great design! Tomorrow I will post the super cute project I started tonight. I hope you all had a great and quilty night too!