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Who knew?

Who knew that one dat fuschia and lime green would one day be Christmas colors?   Personally I don't think I could have had that foresight, but just look how vibrant these Christmas charms are!  I think these Technicolor Tidings fabrics from Connecting Threads would certainly brighten up any home for the holidays! Once again, armed with my charm packs, a contrasting inner border, and a great focal print for my outer border, I set out to create so quick, cute runners.

I laid out my charms to make two separate runners, one with a red accent, and one with a blue accent. 

They both feature the beautiful white background focal print from the line though.  I just couldn't pass that one up! 
The fabrics just sparkle!  It has definitely gotten me in the holiday spirit of giving today, but I'm not ready for the snow yet. So, lets have a little more summer, a nice long fall, and then take out the Technicolor Tidings to enjoy again! 

Table Runners with Birchbark Lodge

After a wonderfully productive day working on the last of my tote bags at the present time, I decided to follow it up with a good start on some table runners.  I absolutely love the Birchbark Lodge line from Moda.   I just had to take some charms home to play with them!  Combined with a half yard of the very cute brown bear print and a nice coordinating cream, I new I would have some winning runners!
I first set out to play with the charms.  The hand of these fabrics was so great that they were just fun to touch!  Not to mention look at! 

Once I had my desired layout I went to work adding the cream as an inner border and the brown bears as an outer border. The cream really set off the Birchbark line nicely! 
I ended up with two gorgeous table runners.  So happy with the results!

Final tote bag evolution

That was certainly a much needed day of sewing!I feel very accomplished having completed 3 new charm pack shoulder bags,

3 new charm pack cross-body bags,

and a junior bag, too!
This day of sewing finally completed the beautiful stack of bags-to-be from the beginning of the summer.Their evolution is finally complete.
From charm packs and yardage, to handles, linings and exteriors, and finally to very cute, very usable bags!

They turned out great and I got to have a wonderful day at the sewing machine.
I haven’t had enough time lately to sit down like this and sew.Therefore today was both therapeutic and worrisome.The practice of sewing was a great therapy to be back to; however, the long absence from my machine had me constantly thinking about my sewing to-do list.I plan on starting craft shows in mid-September and had hoped at this date I would be nearing the completion of my inventory goals.Instead I find that I am only about half way done.I certainly won’t let this deter me from craft …

A quilt for me!

I finally did it!  I finished the beautiful Serenity Stars quilt that I've been working on this summer.  I was able to finish it just one week after my birthday so it is close enough to be my birthday present to me!

The quilting on each star block turned out great.  It gave it a great look and tons on stability.

And the final product looks great folded up on the couch with my Livy Lou Throw made with Surf and Sand fabrics.  A great addition to my decor.
I even had this little visitor on my quilt while I was taking my outdoor photos today. 

For an Outdoorsman in Training

I worked on this great outdoors quilt for a couple weeks and it is ready to be delivered!  The quilt is for a 1 year old and it's throw quilt size will allow him to use his quilt until he's a teen!  This quilt should get some really good miles on it over the years. 
The parents wanted the outdoor theme and his name on the quilt so I satisfied all of those needs for them.  The block work in the middle also creates its own sort of camo feel too. 

I used raw edge applique to put his name on the quilt,

And I feature Moose,


And deer.

Unfortunately the photo of the completed quilt with the binding attached turned out rather dark so I will have to take a new one when I have a little time to spare. 
I can't wait to see their reaction. I hope they love it! In addition to the quilt they got a custom baby bib applique'd just for his first birthday.  A great bib for some cake eating photo ops!

Quilt Magazine Fabric Stash Quilt-a-long Blog

I completed a project just one week ago for Quilt Magazine's Fabric Stash Quilt-A-Long.  This is a part of one of their quilting blogs that features readers interpretations of a block or a project.  The project for October and November was a set of napkins.  Here's my take on their project...

They haven't posted the project on their website yet, but I will be sure to let you know when/if they do.  I think the set turned out great, so I am hoping good things are to come!

Where'd the time go?

Wow, what a busy few weeks it's been!  I have been sewing in my free time and last week I was able to complete this set of tote bags that I had started at the beginning of the summer.  I have one more set to complete and I plan on working on them over the next week.   I love this bag especially! 
But I'm always a sucker for blues, too. 
This group of fabrics was so great, I made it as a cross-body bag and a shoulder bag!

And I always love a good print from Heather Mulder Peterson.  I combined her print with a fun blue lattice and it turned out bright and happy.

I hope these beautiful bags find good homes at my craft shows this fall. 
At work we have just begun a stint of being open for 11 days straight in three different towns.  There won't be much time for sewing (or sleep for that matter!), but I'm sure I will be sewing away in the mornings before we open.  Just yesterday I was able to complete the binding on the Serenity Stars quilt that I began in June.  I al…