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Sew, Sew, Sew Some More!

Rainy days sure are dreary, but I make the best of them.  All the rain today gave me some good incentive to sit down and get to quilting!  Today I made the quilt sandwhich for the star quilt I complete over the weekend.

I also got an order for an extra wide charm pack bag last weekend.  My goal was definitely to complete something for myself for a change, but I have a hard time keeping focused on me.  So I switched gears and made this very cute charm pack shoulder bag from the "Papillon" line by Moda.


After that I still had plenty of time left in the day so I just kept sewing! I made a set of new curtains for my boss to serve as a divider in our ticket box.  A simple project that didn't take too much time.  Nothing to do but grab another project and sew some more!

I wanted to work on a more fun and colorful project so the next on the list was a baby quilt that was ordered to be completed in July.  These bright primaries and fun transportation these were something more fun for the eye to look at.

Sadly the sewing fun needed to end sometime and unfortunately I didn't get the entire baby boy quilt top completed like I wanted to.  Even  so, it was still a great day at the sewing machine!


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I am happy to have been so productive over the last couple of weeks!  I haven't been able to post really due to data/internet troubles, but I've got some fun quilty projects to show you today!  First I have a tumbler quilt that I put the finishing touches on.  It's all in subtle country prints and I like its little country charm. 
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Fabric designers sometimes put out a free pattern offering to accompany a new fabric line.I find that these are the most inspirational for me.I get to swoon over the beautiful new fabric, see the fun way the designer wanted to showcase their fabric, and then get to imagine what I would do with it.All for FREE!There are so many free quilt patterns out there that you are sure to find something to inspire you!
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Working on my PHD: Finished Flannel Hopscotch Quilt

I want to post some updates of the Flannel Hopscotch quilt that I finished this week.  It turned out great and I'm really happy with my new queen sized bed quilt.

I was able to finish hand sewing my binding during our down time this week.  The striped binding adds a lot of character to the edge of the quilt. 

The quilt is very heavy and super warm!  I will definitely be using this on those cold nights this winter! 

Now that this quilt has been completed and stored away, I've already brought out my next project half done to get wrapped up. I brought the start of an up north themed lap quilt to the local quilt shop and purchased some fabric for borders and binding. 

I want the top to be bigger, but not a full bed quilt like the flannel hopscotch quilt.
This quilt top I started with a panel and two charm packs.  Very simple design, but the colors and up north theme will compliment my home very well.

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