October 13, 2013

Moda Chocolate Bars

I have been working on finishing some quilt tops that have been sitting folded up in my sewing room for far too long.  In the last couple weeks I was able to wrap up these two beautiful wall hangings that I made using Moda Chocolote Bars (2.5" x 5" rectangles).  I love precuts, and I had to try these delectable fabric bites!

I love this nontraditional setting of the half rectangles pieces.  Instead of setting them into diamonds, I set them into this fun kite formation. 

I quilted the hanging with a meander and added small floral details along the meandering path.

I love to see quilts outdoors! Fall is creeping into my backyard though!

I created a low volume pieced backing for this little hanging.

The second wall hanging measures about the same as the first, but keeps the Chocolate Bars whole.  I pieced them into a coin style quilt and used the simple bordering to set these beautiful fabrics off.

Once again I love to see a quilt in the outdoors! 
I used both of these pieces to practice some of my free motion quilting.  I practiced adding details into a meander, and I also practiced some feather work.  It was certainly fun to work on these techniques, and I like the effect they gave to these pieces, but I could definitely stand to practice some more!
I hope you enjoyed these two new additions to my family of quilts!

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