June 19, 2013

A Fabric-y Day on the Town

Free time to sew is getting harder and harder to come by this month.  During this time of the season we have to work from Thursday (instead of Friday) through Sunday so that cuts out one good day of free time right there!  We are also in northern Wisconsin right now and it is absolutely beautiful up here.  It kind of makes it feel a little vacationy for us too.  So, my sister has been coming out early in the week so that we can go out and adventure a little bit.  Today we wandered around the very cute local downtown area.  I stopped at a couple of fabric shops and picked up some kids fabrics that will be turning into baby blocks for craft sales this fall. 

I also picked up some tonal fabrics that will make the linings of some bags for this fall's inventory. 


Here are the linings with their fabric groupings.  These are going to make some great bags!  I can't wait to get them finished! 

It was a great day to hang out with my sister and I appreciated having a second opinion on my color choices. We also stopped at other boutiques and craft shops so that she could indulge in her crafty weakness - scrapbooking. We also decided to stop and partake in the wine tasting at the local winery and grab a little ice cream on the way back. Just icing on the day's cake!

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