June 11, 2012


Peace signs are definitely in style these days!  And my boyfriend’s little sister certainly did not miss that memo!  I know preteens and tweens are likely to go through tons of fads over the years, but I am much happier with this current trend that she is interested in than the previous Hannah Montana interest.  I too love the color and ideas behind the peace signs so I am happy to support her fad, and bond a little too!

To go along with her current interest in peace signs, this evening I whipped up a small messenger bag in a batik pink and brown peace print. I gave her plenty of pockets for anything she needs to carry with her.  The strap is adjustable to grow with her. 

Since we are on the road, we weren’t in town last week for her birthday.  So, for my boyfriend’s trip home this week I am sending her birthday gift along with him.  It’s a little late, but she is a very appreciative little girl and I know she’ll love it. 

I used my own pattern and since this is the first version using that design, it is a testament to the reason that designers must pattern test before publishing their patterns.  The ideas I had that were great on paper, didn’t all turn out perfect in practice.  Some pockets came out to be too tall I felt, or the cell phone pocket a bit too narrow.  All of these things I can learn from and make the next version of this pattern even better.  However, I know that the birthday girl will still absolutely love this bag even with its quirks. 

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