June 4, 2015

Creating a Blog Planner

I like to think I'm a pretty organized gal.  But with a busy life and lots of work, my mental best laid plans for blogging are quickly falling through the cracks.

I ran across this great blog planner through Pinterest and I'm getting ready to give it a whirl!  The printables that Lamberts Lately developed here are absolutely adorable and I can't wait to put them to use!

Another awesome Pinterest find was this great tutorial from Just A Beautiful Life on to-do's and best practices for creating your own blogging binder.

Between the great advice from both of these sites, I've got a start on my own blogging binder.
I did a little office supply shopping (honestly, I love shopping for office supplies!) and picked up a cute colorful binder, some tab dividers, sheet protectors, loose leaf lined paper, and post it notes to put together with my freshly printed blog planning sheets. I have a three hole punch and nice markers at home to use already. 

It was such a happy coincidence that my new tab dividers coordinated so well with the pretty headers on the blog planning sheets!

After each planning sheet, I added some lined paper for me to free form thoughts and ideas into my blogging binder.  I'm actually not using all of the sheets that Lambert Lately offers.  I picked and chose a little bit for ones that would fit me and my blog best.

I love the way it turned out.  Now to put this bad boy to use!

I love all of the great things that you can find on Pinterest.  What a great site for crafters!  I spend more time than I probably should on Pinterest, so please come follow me for quilts, clothing, inspiration, and more great pins like these!


  1. Lovely stationery! Looks like you are doing great things to make your blog special.

  2. Thanks Emmajane. Having pretty stationary always brightens the mood when getting work done. :)

  3. This is exactly what I've been needing for my blog. It's been on my mind for weeks! Also, I love shopping at the office supply store too. :)

    1. I'm glad my post helped inspire you. I really like mine and find it very useful. Sometimes the prints on office supplies can be just as cute as printed fabrics!