December 10, 2012

E-Reader Woes

I was able to complete so much sewing work today!  It felt great to get it all done, but it was a struggle on the way.  The most difficult project turned out to be this Ereader cover. 
I love the fabrics and how it turned out, but it was frustrating to get it sized to fit my specific reader.  I used my seam ripper more for this project that I have on any other single project ever!
The pattern is the Reader Wrap from Atksinson designs.  A cute pattern, but a bit oversized for my Kindle Fire. 

The surface area for the reader was too large for mine so I had to cut that down.  There was also too much space in the spine which caused the cover to fit too losely and sloppily.  The original pattern called for a bottom pocket to hold the reader in that had a hole cut for the power button and plug ins.  I thought the pocket was really cute and gave it a try, but it didn't hold the reader snuggly enough so I opted to eliminate it.  Holding the reader in with elastic bands worked well enough on my store bought cover so I deided to use four of these instead.  In addition, I wrapped the elastic with black pleather to get a better grip on the surface of the reader since the elastic alone was allowing the reader to slip.  After all of these alterations I am happy with the look of the cover, but I'm not sure yet whether or not I will like its functionality.  I'll have to use it for a while and see.

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