September 3, 2012

Thoughts on Quilting and Technology

For my birthday last month my boyfriend gave me a new Kindle Fire. I am absolutely in love with my new eReader and it has opened my eyes to new digital worlds. Then, last week when he found out that he couldn't upgrade his phone without losing the data package that he currently has, so he brought home a new upgraded smartphone for me!

All of these great techie gifts in such a short period of time has me almost on data overload. However, they really have just made me more connected to the quilting world. There are quilting apps that can help me with my quilt calculations and block apps that show traditional quilt blocks in different sizes. On my Kindle I can even get digital versions of quilt books so that I don't have to carry a tote full of books, but store all my inspiration in one place.

 But the one thing that has me just attached to my new pieces of technology is Google Reader. I get to keep up with all of the quilt blogs that I love much easier than before, and even find new blogs about modern quilting. I love the network of quilters that is available online, anytime. I get so much inspiration from seeing what all of these other blogging quilters are creating and I hope that my blogs are inspiring to some as well. This is certainly the fastest way to keep up with trends and innovations. Technology is quilting at my fingertips, all day long, and I love it!

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