September 3, 2012

Ready. Set. Quilt.

Ready. Set. Quilt.

When I know that I get to have time to sit down and devote to quilting there is always so much to think about. Which of the numerous UFO's should I work on? Should I play with the fun new fabric I just brought home? Which technique do I want to use today? Which pattern do I want to give a try? All of these quilty things run through my head as I get ready for that planned time in my sewing room. Once I get to my sewing room though I have to switch tracks. Before I pull out my fabric, before I turn on my iron or my sewing machine, I turn on the tv. Yep, that's been my ritual for quite some time now. Sewing time is movie time for me. Because I always want to stay focused on what I'm sewing and not on what I'm watching, I choose movies that I've seen before.

So the first choice I make in my sewing room on a daily basis isn't what project to work on or what fabric to work with, but what movie to watch today. I've watched the Harry Potter series more times than I can count, but it's soothing to sew to and I still enjoy them. I'm sure others have their own sewing rituals. Do you listen to books on tape? Watch movies like I do? Or do you enjoy the hum of your machine at work or the wonderful sounds of the outdoors on a beautiful day with the windows open? What kind of background environment gets you in a quilting mood?

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