August 30, 2012

Final tote bag evolution

That was certainly a much needed day of sewing!  I feel very accomplished having completed 3 new charm pack shoulder bags,


3 new charm pack cross-body bags,


and a junior bag, too! 

This day of sewing finally completed the beautiful stack of bags-to-be from the beginning of the summer.  Their evolution is finally complete. 

From charm packs and yardage, to handles, linings and exteriors, and finally to very cute, very usable bags! 

They turned out great and I got to have a wonderful day at the sewing machine. 

I haven’t had enough time lately to sit down like this and sew.  Therefore today was both therapeutic and worrisome.  The practice of sewing was a great therapy to be back to; however, the long absence from my machine had me constantly thinking about my sewing to-do list.  I plan on starting craft shows in mid-September and had hoped at this date I would be nearing the completion of my inventory goals.  Instead I find that I am only about half way done.  I certainly won’t let this deter me from craft shows.  I will merely push harder and sew more.  I can at least say that I have reached my goal for tote bags…now on to table runners. 

I have a lot of great fabrics ready and waiting to be sewn. 

It doesn’t look like much from the top view, but that black crate I have packed full!  Even more goodies on the bottom!

I definitely have a lot on my plate, but it is well worth it. 

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