July 5, 2012

Picking up the sewing momentum

I’ve wanted to get more sewing done lately.  I feel like I haven’t been diligent enough at the sewing machine, even though you can see the work that I’ve done recently.  Not to mention the mending for the guys that isn’t necessarily blog-worthy.  But, with craft show quickly approaching this fall, and orders waiting, it was time to get to work.

I started with an order for a second extra-wide charm bag from the “Papillon” line from Moda. 

The bag turned out beautiful once again!

And it also got an upgrade with some interior pockets.

The next project to the sewing machine was a skirt that my sister has been asking me to make for a few weeks now. 

I left the top edge unfinished so that I can do her fitting tomorrow.  I am most likely going to need to bring in the seams a touch and that should make the adjustments go more smoothly for me. 

I think she’ll love it though!

With those practical orders out of the way it was time to start making a dent in the stacks of half-done bags that will be part of my inventory for fall craft shows.  I got these three cute junior sized tote bags completed and I love the results!


Butterflies are one of my favorite things to work with because they are such a great symbol for new beginnings.  (And we can all use one of those every now and again!) Plus, blue and chocolate brown is one of my absolute favorite color combinations!  So, all in all I really love how this trio looks!

What a great sewing day!  All in all I made 4 new bags and a skirt.  Not too shabby. Now, to just keep up that momentum…

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