June 11, 2012

Skirt Disaster

Today is off to a frustrating start so far.  The weather was beautiful for driving the trailers today and I was actually enjoying the trip to the next town.  That all ended though when one of the trucks in our convoy ran out of gas.  I didn’t have enough space to fully get off the road so that left me blocking traffic…up a hill and around a corner.  Not a pretty picture.  But we got out of the way, no accidents occurred and someone thankfully delivered some gas to get that truck to the next town. Once there, I let the dog out to get some exercise.  He played and ran and had himself a great time.  Heading back to the truck, though, he ran past me and his collar caught on my skirt.  He ended up ripping a huge chunk of fabric from my skirt along the bottom ruffle. 

Thankfully this is a bargain skirt from Old Navy and not one of my handmade pieces.  I’m trying to decide now if the fabric is going to be sturdy enough to try to repair the skirt or if I should just call this little disaster a wash and make a completely new skirt on my own.  Repairing wouldn’t be too difficult. I just need a new piece of trim and to add a small seam along the vertical tear.  I’m more concerned about the light weight fabric than about the structure of the repairs.  I think I will probably end up doing a combination of the two.  Repairing this one and utilizing the skirt as a pattern for a new hand made one.  I am making a couple new skirts and a sundress for my sister this week anyway, so adding some of my own new clothing to my sewing to-do list shouldn’t be a problem.  After this frustrating day, I could use a little time to do some sewing for myself. 

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