June 19, 2013

Runners Galore!

Last week I was so furiously sewing table runners that I never had time to blog about them!  I was bound and determined to start focusing on my fall inventory, so I pulled out the stash of charm packs that I had and got to work.  Here's a quick look at the seven sets of Autumn and Christmas themed runners I put together.  I didn't have enough batting on hand to finish them, but I'm just suprised that in two days I got all of these tops done!

Here is each set of tops:

When you stack all the runners together, it sure looks like a lot of work.  Which is good, because it was!  And I have to remind myself that they are done yet...

I think they all turned out very cute.  They should make some very nice items for my fall inventory.  Now, to buy the batting needed for all of these...


  1. These are looking great! Well done for getting on with them now. The year seems to be flying by and it's such a good idea to get ahead with Fall and Christmas things :)

    1. Thanks Janine! I always try to start early but it never fails that once fall rolls around I'll be rushing to finish all my winter sewing goals in time. Here's hoping this year is different!