May 6, 2013

Baby Quilts Galore!

I have made a lot of baby quilts in the last three weeks.  Here are the lovely results! 
First up, the older sister of my oldest friend just had premature twin girls.  They are long time farmers and 4-H'ers and I am going to be very excited to give them these quilts!  I think they will just love them.  I took tons of pictures, because, well, I love them too!

Next, I had an order for a baby quilt in soft traditional colors, primarily light green and light pink.  This is what I came up with.  I will be delivering this quilt this weekend.  I'm eager to see what she thinks of this little beauty!

Finally, while rummaging through my stash and getting ready for summer travel, I found a stack of half finished log cabin quilt blocks.  I decided to finish this little quilt up.  I don't have an intended recipient for this quilt so I think this one will probably end up on my Etsy site, but it's a cute, traditional little girl's quilt. 

Here's a lovely stack of quilts!  I love the look of a nicely folded stack of quilts.  :)

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