May 30, 2013

A Little Carnival Sewing

In addition to the lots and lots of quilting that I do, I also do a lot of sewing that is more utilitarian.  Working for a carnival I get a lot of requests to mend clothes for the guys, make carnival flags for the rides and food trailers, and other random sewing fixes that need to be done.  No one ever thought that the show needed a seamstress, but these guys sure keep me busy!

Today’s project was not actually one that I was commissioned to do, but a project that I undertook as a gift for my brother in law.  He prides himself on having a ride that always looks and runs great.

Over the winter I thought that a nice way to help keep his ride looking its best would be to have some nicer protective wraps around the bars for when the ride is travelling down the road. 

When the fence and lights lay against the handle bars of the ride they tend to rub the paint off.  These protective wraps will stop that wear and tear! 

They are made out of vinyl and half inch foam so they will be weatherproof as well.

The pole at the top of the ride with the pirate flag also needed a protective wrap so that it doesn’t get scuffed up when it’s travelling. 

His control box cover for travel was also getting very worn out.  So I grabbed that and whipped up a new one as well.  It’s made from canvas with a drawstring at the bottom. 


I know he’ll love his gift in his own OCD way.  I can’t wait to give all this to him!

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