January 9, 2013

Japanese wallhanging

I will be participating in the 4th annual Fiber Arts Festival at the Chippewa Valley Museum on February 2nd.  I'm excited to have a booth at this event once again.  It is a great way to promote all of the  fiber arts and keep updated with what fiber artists are creating in the Chippewa Valley. 

For the festival I wanted to showcase some new work, and not just items that I make for craft sales.  The first piece that I have finished for this show is this Japanese wallhanging.

The fabrics are very unique Japanese prints that I didn't want to cut down too much, so I kept the base squares at 15 inches.  Then I appliqued the large circles on top, one per square, but varying the placement for some visual interest. 

The fabric was quite difficult to work with because it was very thin and actually had multiple layers too it. The printed part of the fabric could pull away from the base making things tricky, especially during the applique. 

I also used a mixture of hand quilting and machine quilting.  I love the effect of the hand quilting, but I am not a patient quilter.  So I mixed it up a little.  Had I stuck with the hand quilting I may not have finished it for another 5 years!

I really like the final effect of the piece and it shows off the beautiful fabrics so nicely.  It may have been easier with a traditional cotton, but that wouldn't have read as unique in the end I don't think.  I hope the museum goers at the Fiber Arts Festival enjoy it!

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