December 1, 2012

Sunset Lake Wallhanging

I have been so busy with inventory making and craft shows along with life in general, that sewing for myself and blogging have kind of been pushed to the wayside. Fortunately, I am back with an update! This week I was able to finish this wallhanging.

I made this from a kit that I purchased from Hingeley Road Quilt Shop in Floodwood, MN.  In general I am not one for kits.  I usually prefer to pick my own fabrics and make my own design.  Not to mention that I generally am not a fan of panels either.  In this case I guess I broke two of my rules.  I like the overall effect of the completed project and really thought it would tie into to the rustic decor that seems to be shaping up in my living room.  I like the fact that it looks like a framed pictured instead of a quilt.  

Up close though, it is a bit overwhelmingly orange. Eventually I may use some fabric markers to add in a little color over top of the orange. 

I also used this quilt as a binding demonstration for my monthly quilting class.  They hadn't seen a demonstration in quite a while and had individually come up with questions for me.  So I thought a refresher demo would be good for everyone.  After seeing the quilt though it brought up many questions on the mitered corners which I hadn't anticipated so I think a demonstration on those will be up next. 

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