December 26, 2012

A Handmade Christmas - Wrap Up

Our family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that everyone else was able to enjoy a happy holiday with their families as well. 
Now that all the presents have been opened I wanted to share all of the gifts that I was able to make for my family this year.  I should have started earlier, but instead I packed all of this sewing in to the three weeks before Christmas.
I used the Good Fortune line from Katie Spain to make a cross body bag for my sister and her husband's neice.  She was so happy to unwrap this on Christmas day and I hear she was making lists of all the things she could carry with is.  I was so happy to hear that she loved it so much! I'm glad they sent me Facebook pictures so I could see her with it. 
My sister got a lot of handmade creations from me this Christmas.  First of all was this skirt.  Sadly she'll have to wait for warmer weather to enjoy this one.

Next for my sister was a visor CD holder.  So much more fun in these pretty purple prints
 than a plain black one!

And last, but certainly not least, she got this cover for her new Galaxy tablet. 
She had to wait an extra day to open this so she could open the tablet from her husband first. 

For my neice I made a Minnie Mouse blanket with cuddle fabric on the back, and a matching blanket for her doll.  She carried her blanket all over the house that night.  I'm always happy to see my creations being loved!

Here she is wrapped up in her cuddly new blanket!
I don't get to see my neice too often so I was happy she concented to sit with me for a picture!

She also got a couple dresses for her new doll that my sister got for her. 

My other neice got a new pair of flannel pajamas. 
She loves wearing things made by her aunt!
My brother got a new pair of pajama pants.  This has become a Christmas tradition for me to make him a pair of flannel pj pants.  He really liked the cassette prints on these. 

My dad also requested a pair of pajama pants this year and I went with some nice green plaid flannel for him.

I was so happy to see all of the plaids line up when they were done.

My brother in law also got in on the pajama pants this Christmas.  I made his an extra four inches longer to make sure they were a good fit for his long legs.

And my mom's homemade gift was this wallhanging. I enjoyed printing the pictures and making the fun Nelson's Victory quilt block to go in the corners.  She was so happy and that made me happy!
So, from us to you, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a safe and fun Happy New Year!


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