June 7, 2012

Get "quilty" with it!

Yesterday I was able to get a lot of things accomplished.  I love those productive days!  It feels great to know that I accomplished a lot of things on my to-do list.  Naturally though, I had to start out the day getting the necessities out of the way.  I had to get all of that pesky laundry washed, but at least I had good reading material for the trip to the Laundromat!

I just had to check out the new “quilty” magazine.  “Quilt” and “American Patchwork and Quilting” are staples for me at my house, but I had heard so much hype about “quilty” that I just had to pick it up.  I was certainly glad I did!  The magazine has patterns tailored for the beginner and intermediate quilter and the designs they offer trend to the modern side, which I love.  The patterns were cute, but it was the overall layout and design of the magazine that really got me going.  I can sometimes get tired of looking at all of the generic typeface in magazines, so the pictures are a great way to break all that up.  In “quilty” she offers these cute “handwritten” side notes to the articles and patterns that are a great break for the eye, and so cute in design!  Most quilting magazines are approximately 10% articles and 90% patterns.  While the patterns are great, there isn’t a whole lot of other information to gain from these sources.  But with “quilty” I felt like there was so much to read!  The articles were great and informative as well with topics on quilt stories, borders, long-arms and more!  It definitely kept my interest!  Long story short though, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of “quilty.”

Yesterday I also had to spend some time setting up on the carnival, but once that was completed I got to sit down at my sewing machine.  That is truly my favorite time of the day – sewing time!  Work yesterday consisted of reworking a commissioned quilt that I had delivered last week.  We had decided that the quilt needed even more quilting than she had originally requested so I sat down to quilt some more!  The final effect was great and the quilt sat down much better.  I think she’ll love having this piece on her wall now.

The other sewing projects for the evening were simple patching of pants.  Not nearly as entertaining, but it still needs to get done.  I have quite a few of those charm bags on the docket for this evening so come back and check out what those beautiful precuts are becoming!

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